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Gallery Punto y ap(art): This was a presentation of a large art festival


“For us, architecture is not only a way of creating art, we believe that art complements space, changes the experience of life at home or at the workplace, therefore this work was very enriching”, concluded Katia and left the floor to the guest editor, Rafa Micha, who took the podium prepared for this occasion and admitted: “It is a great opportunity that they opened the door to where these important headlines are generated in Mexico and the world”; He also recalled the great moment he lived as an editorial curator and the great creative complicity that arose with the team and those involved in this happy launch in which he himself contributed his professionalism and passion for art. “For me, this initiative means a lot because it gives the pieces an opportunity to test themselves, to see how effective they are when they are taken out of their usual context.. I don’t know if I was successful in my selection, but I am convinced, it seems to me that people are reacting in a very interesting way”, he commented for his part. sheep’s work about this curatorial practice, which he considers more than an exhibition, an intervention. Later, at the end of his presentation, the same gallery owner and co-artist Punto y ap(arte) offered a tour of the exhibition—which stretched between the office and the walls of the publishing house—for some of the attendees. An exhibition — or an intervention — that definitely evokes unexpected emotions and genuine reactions when the viewer is confronted with this artistic decontextualization, has interesting works by Mexicans Daniela Libertad, Francisco Ugarte, Octavio Abundez, Mauricio Alejo, Alejandro Almanza and creator of Madrid Cristina Garrido, who with their work full of symbolism — which resorts to experimenting with different techniques, materials, objects and concepts — pushed themselves out of their comfort zone, otherwise sheltered within the framework of a traditional gallery, in order to set out on a disruptive terrain — creatively speaking — and manage to achieve a dialogue with the environment of both the public who accepts the challenge with curiosity and surprise, as well as the members of the creative force of the publishing house who live daily with the work that has become part of their everyday life. Full names and pictures of the artist’s works, you can consult them here.

Curro Borrego took the audience through the Punto y ap(arte) gallery.vicky reyes

Definitely, Punto y ap(arte), is a well-constructed exhibition that tells how the eternal quest to tell stories is a goal that both the content editing company and the art itself strive for. — each in a different way, but, after all, both media influence the culture that, invariably, they leave as a legacy, revealing literary or artistic photographs of the moment in which they lived. The guests did not stop taking photos to record on their social networks, an unprecedented event that managed to fulfill the mission of combining the artistic work of various exponents of contemporary art in an unusual and creative way, spatially and temporally with the world of publishing. All in a perfectly well thought out way.

The exhibition, which can be accessed only by invitation, will be available at the Condé Nast Mexico and Latin America office until June 30. Definitely, a celebration of art and the universe of content, as unprecedented as it is inevitable.

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