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Popocatépetl, the legend of the volcano


Popocatépetl is impressive. It has been there with its crater looking into the sky for hundreds of years, taking care of the communities that surround it. But behind this terrestrial formation are hidden impressive legends that tell us a little more about its origin, as well as the reason for its peculiar nickname. Don Goyo — as he is also called — has recently given signs of life in case anyone believes him to be dead, and despite the risks involved in an explosion or, even ash and fumaroles are signs how alive is this natural giant.

History of Popocatepetl It is like all volcanoes, that is, it was created in one of two possible ways: by the continuous movement of the plates of the earth’s crust or by the ejection of hot liquid that must be released from the Earth in some way. However, our dear popo it has its own story and it’s unique, besides it’s about love, protection and the greatness of heroes, do you know it?

Eternal love gave life to the Popocatépetl volcano.


The legend of the Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl volcanoes

Besides being the second and third highest mountains in Mexico, this pair of volcanoes is related to a legend involving the love that existed between the two. The story goes that they are actually a girl and a warrior, both from Tlaxcala. She, Iztaccíhuatl was the most intelligent and beautiful princess ever seen who fell in love with Popocatépetl, a brave warrior and, like her, handsome like no other.

The love between them was born after they met for the first time. So, Popocatépetl asked for the hand of the princess he assigned it to the head of the city, who was his father, until he neglected his main task: protect the people of tlaxcaltec whenever he needed it, since he was part of the local army. However, the promise became a reality when the people went to war with their bitter enemies, the Aztecs. So the cacique told the warrior that if he came back alive could marry Iztaccíhuatl as soon as he set foot on Tlaxcalan soil.

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