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These 9 islands are the best alternative for your vacation in Italy Architectural Digest


Let’s break down the topic: to find secret and paradise islands, it is not necessary to fly to the other side of the planet or take refuge in ordinary Greece. You don’t even have to choose a country that’s too remote or exotic to discover beauty without being weighed down by crowds. For this reason some holiday in Italy may be a good idea.

Even Italy is full of beautiful overwater shelters (yes, not necessarily at sea), where mass tourism has not yet arrived. For various reasons: because they are not known, because many have limited reception options or it is simply not possible to stay there, just enjoy the wonder for a certain time.

Anyway these tricolor paradise islands They are a a delight for the eyes and balm for the soul. An experience to live and share, but not too much, to preserve the charm of its magnificent exclusivity.

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