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Venice Biennale 2023: the best exhibitions and talents


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Architecture Biennale in Venice

With a focus on modernist architecture, this is Architecture Biennale aims to highlight how the architectural style developed during colonial rule in Africa before being adapted by local architects to promote independence in different countries, as was the case in Ghana in 1957. It is worth mentioning that this will include 63 national pavilions, with Niger participates for the first time together with Panama, which will have its own exhibition or

Mexico Pavilion

During the Architecture Biennale, Mexico will be present with a pavilion called “Utopian infrastructure: peasant basketball court”, a project designed by Rodrigo Escandón Cesarman, Mariana Botey, Sergio Galaz, Antonio Turok, among other experts. Therefore, the concept is based on the basketball court as a research laboratory, outside the sports theme, as a temporary socialization space for play, debate and teamwork, giving priority to creativity in social spaces.

Panama Pavilion

For the first time, Panama will be part of this major event, with a pavilion curated by Aimée Lam Tunon. titled “Panama: Stories under water”, this will represent the duality of three different areas of the former Panama Canal Zone, because while some consider it a commercial success, there is no denying the impact its construction has had on the local communities, cultures and nature of the region.

Uruguayan pavilion

The creative studio MAPA+INST and the musician and producer Carlos Casacuberta teamed up to create this year the Uruguayan Pavilion called “At the Opera: Future Scenarios of the Young Forest Law”. Based on an understanding of the Forest Act as an ecosystem under construction, this exhibition aims to establish alliances between disciplines and practices such as music, visual culture and architecture of the country.

Chilean pavilion

Architect Gonzalo Carrasco and Beals Lyon Arquitectos will be the curators of the Chilean pavilion under the title “Ecologies in motion”, a theme that will look at how architecture and science allow us to imagine the future of a country that entered modernity in the 19th century, while highlighting the challenges the country currently faces in terms of ecological repair and restoration to recover its soil endemic seeds.

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