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Guacamole has been named the second best vegan dish in the world


Guacamole is a favorite dish globally, it’s no secret. In addition to its excellent taste, its main ingredient, avocado, is considered great food, due to the richness of nutrients and antioxidants. This one contains 20 vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients, besides being loved by many (and hated by others), it is also a very healthy option for the same reason. Also, it’s not surprising that guacamole has been named the second best vegan dish in the world.

Yes, it’s vegan, since the ingredients that make it up are not of animal origin, in fact, it’s just vegetables and fruits, since avocados are technically fruits. Even variations of this dip They are made only from vegetables.

Traditional guacamole.Getty Images

Who named guacamole the second best vegan dish in the world?

Guacamole has been named the second best vegan dish in the world by TasteAtlas, a gastronomic guide that explores traditional dishes, local foods and authentic restaurants and catalogs more than 10,000 foods and drinks around the planet. This encyclopedia of flavors presents the most popular recipes, as well as lesser-known flavors from all over the world, but it also gives space to the most typical and traditional gastronomy.

TasteAtlas has a food classification it is based on the qualifications of its audience and uses formulas that take information only from real users, giving more value to those that the digital system recognizes as educated. They are ignored in statistics bots and grades nationalistic or patriotic to give a voice to chefs and critics as well as ordinary tasters dishes like guacamole. Although the TasteAtlas ratings are fairly accurate, the guide points out that they should not be taken as a final conclusion, but rather as an approach that promotes excellent local food, instills pride in traditional dishes and arouses curiosity about untried ones.

There were 9,740 reviews for the “10 Best-Rated World Vegan Dishes” list, of which 6,107 were recognized by the system as legitimate. Guacamole took second place due to the simple preparation, as all the ingredients are crushed using a mortar and pestle. Also, due to the small amount of ingredients because avocado needed, lemon and chili, in some cases tomatoes and onions are also added. And finally, because of its versatility of use, because it can be eaten as dip with snacks or as a complementary sauce with various dishes, even as a meal itself, but it is not so common.

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