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Mermaid sculptures around the world


Despite the fact that the country is not surrounded by the sea, this Mexican mermaid, according to legend, inhabited eight lagoons distributed in the area of ​​Metepek. Currently, artisans find inspiration for their clay and clay pieces in The Tlanchana; however, his temper is said to have been so erratic, that fishing in water bodies depended on the mood of the mermaid.

In Scotland and Iceland, selkies They are souls that have drowned.Art House Studio / Pexels.


Scottish and Icelandic

European islands are not far behind in mermaid folklore. Scots and Icelanders share legends about selkiesNordic mermaids. Since it is a wasteland between the seas, it is normal for stories about sea creatures to permeate the culture of these countries, especially when part of ancient history deals with ocean voyages, as in the case of the Vikings.

In the folk tales of these two islands, the selkies these are the souls of people who drowned, a common death in times of exploration undertaken by Icelanders since the 18th century. It is also believed that souls float across the entire North Atlantic, until they reach the Faroe Islands and Iceland, where they transform and adopt mixed human-fish bodies.



Mermaids are usually depicted as beautiful women, despite their lower limbs, but ningyo That is not the case. which is located within Japanese culturethe ningyo it is a fish, with a human body and face, but under a dark and somewhat grotesque appearance. The characteristic song of the sirens is retained, as well as the golden tones of their shells, although his character represents a duality worthy of Japanese belief: it is said to eat some part Ningyo attracts beauty and youthbut at the same time, it is believed that the very fact of her capture brings negative consequences for cities.

The most famous story about this peculiar mermaid involves several fishermen and a young woman. It is said that a fisherman caught a in his nets ningyo, and before the discovery of his catch, he was celebrating a feast with his friends from the guild, but one of them discovered the specimen and warned the others not to taste the meat, because the fish has a human head. Despite the warning, the daughter of one of the fishermen ate part of the meal, and although there were no significant changes during her childhood, after her marriage, the young woman stopped aging, retaining eternal youth.

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